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TightVNC Viewer version 1. Fixed the width of the Host combobox control on the Connection dialog. Built-in Java viewer was absent in the previous development version; now it’s available again. Also, providing a -connect option without arguments now brings up the “Add New Client” dialog. The viewer terminated silently when the server dropped connection right after accepting it. Added new MSI installer properties, to automate pre-setting passwords in silent mode.

tightvnc 1.3.9

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What percent of users and experts removed it? In this mode, the viewer scales remote desktop to fit local window or screen size.

TightVNC 1.3.9

In the server, now it’s equally easy to set display and port numbers. There were incorrect dependencies between compression-related controls. So the right answer to the “What’s New?

Refactored and fixed the source code in various places to eliminate warnings of code analysers.

In the full-screen mode, the viewer allows other windows to be shown above the remote desktop. Fixed a serious bug with sending cursor updates when there was no FrameBufferUpdateRequest from that client.

Improved performance when sharing a desktop with Windows Aero enabled.


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Source Code Server and Viewer for Windows: Yes Found in the run registry. Improvements in reporting statistics on disconnect. New keyboard handling code has been ported from RealVNC 3. Provided a workaround for supporting 8-bit pixel formats and formats with less than 8 bits that were represented incorrectly by the OS X.

Not allowing to enter administrative passwords longer than eight characters. This change affects file transfers only, as other features do not use non-standard protocol messages.

Drawing techniques were changed, settings “Raw pixel drawing: Fixed a problem with one-pixel mouse offset. For that, run a server with a -shareapp command-line option and pass a running process ID as its argument.

New option “Blank screen on client connections”. So not only we provide new version of the viewer, but we also give software developers an easy way to add remote control functionality to their products both free and commercial. What’s New Privacy Policy Feedback: Finally, the complete self-installing TightVNC package both server and viewer parts, and the uninstall tool is only kilobytes in size.

Fixed integer overflow vulnerabilities reported by Core Security Technologies. Home News Download Now! Implemented an adaptive algorithm for improving image quality by re-transmitting static screen areas using lossless compression.


Added support for mouse wheel events. If there was no activity from a client during the specified timeout, the corresponding client will be disconnected. Allow configuring JPEG quality level regardless of the preferred encoding set. Both server and viewer could send question characters instead of non-ASCII symbols if current input language did not match the text encoding.

The user interface to choose shared screen area is very intuitive and easy to use. There are reports that this solves the problem with greyed username and password fields on Windows Server bug Enhanced techniques to split large rectangles in Tight encoder; now it tries to find large solid-color areas and send them in separate rectangles.

tightvnc 1.3.9

Added support for ZRLE encoding. Added public API methods for choosing compression level, toggling view-only mode, and sending various protocol messages to server. Fixed major problem with disconnecting clients on screen locking, user logoff and logon, in the service mode.

tightvnc 1.3.9