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Pencils – it was said that during those times colorful pencils were a “hit. Ezri Coda January 16, at 5: Chadd Repunte August 26, at 5: Then the girl jumped out of his lap because she became afraid. He, like earlier, even used pencils to catch the attention of the children. You need higher influence to do that.

summary of magnificence by estrella alfon

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(DOC) Magnificence Research | Reynan Santos –

Thank you for sharing your analysis! Then he let the girl write her homework. The story reflects most of the people in our society.

summary of magnificence by estrella alfon

Their classmates are jealous with their new pencils given by Vicente. Her old, soiled, clothes are burned; fittingly as fire is a light of purification and cleansing.


Climax of magnificence by estrella alfon sagutan nyo nga When did Estrella Alfon die? Click here to sign up. In the beginning of the. The children want to have pencils for their immediate satisfaction and to envy their friends. At the start, Vicente was described as slowly advancing into the circle of light. The next day they were so proud and happy with their new pencils.

All the things we experienced during our childhood reflects on how we act today in our society. She cannot know, is oblivious to, what Vicente desires of her but at the same time she is aware on an instinctive level that something is amiss.



After the meeting, Vicente told the mother that he is willing to tutor her two children – the boy who is eight years old magnificene the girl who is seven years old. The short story started with a man named Vicente coming to the house of the two children to tutor them with their class works. Although the man is described as gentle, slow in manner and helpful but these characteristic don’t guarantee a true personality. Their mother is a president in their village.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The family absolutely trust him for they think that this man was always so gentle, so kind, and there was nothing to fear with when his around.

Alfon’s story is artful and graceful in dealing with a disturbing subject. The colors of the pencil that Vicente gave to the children also have significance in the story. He promised the kids to give them 2 pencils each. Forever Witches is an one-act play written by Estrella Alfon. Nowadays, many people are like Vicente, they pretend so as to get what they want. Estrella Alfon was born in Moreover, the new sstrella are also associated with the light, clothes that smelt of the clean fresh smell of clothes that had hung in the light of the sun.


Thus the mother is at once capable of love and caring light and tremendous acts of violence if necessary to defend her children dark. Magnificence by Estrella AlfonThe story of Magnificence by Estrella Alfon took place at the house of the two children. Magnificence of Magnfiicence Alfon is a touching psychological and moralistic story.

Then he went out of the house. Could be seen you deliberately installed dashing.

The man’s arms tightened suddenly about the summarj girl until the little girl squirmed out of his arms, and laughed a little breathlessly, disturbed but innocent, looking at the man with a smiling little question of puzzlement. The girl looks at Vicente with a little wonder on his face.

summary of magnificence by estrella alfon

Analysis The descriptions of the mother and Vicente are contrastive not only against each other but alsoagainst stereotypes of their genders. Vicente – there was a big contrast between the mother and Vicente in the way that they were described.

summary of magnificence by estrella alfon