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Using Power Eraser to troubleshoot difficult and persistent threats. Restoring client-server communications with Communication Update Package Deployment. Managing Host Integrity to enforce security policies. Importing client-server communication settings into the Linux client. Searching for information about client computers. Upgrade the Endpoint Protection Manager: Using Symantec Endpoint Protection in virtual infrastructures.

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Supported virtual installations and virtualization products. Command-line options for the Virtual Image Exception tool.

sep 12.1.5

Specifying how long to keep log entries in the database. Configuring push mode or pull mode to update client policies and content. Using third-party distribution tools to update client computers. Enabling or disabling the use of a network-based Shared Insight Cache. Customizing Auto-Protect for email scans on Windows computers.

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About recovering a corrupted client System Log on bit computers. Non-persistent virtual desktop infrastructures. About access to the client interface on Windows clients. About the types of Symantec Endpoint Protection servers. Copying and pasting a policy on the Clients page.


Save the files to a location of your choice.

Find the “Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager” service in the list and right-click on it and select Stop. Turning on replication after an upgrade from Symantec Endpoint Protection Enabling or disabling Symantec Endpoint Protection pop-up notifications that appear on Windows 8 clients. Configuration file settings for a vShield-enabled Shared Insight Cache.

Re-adding a replication partner that you previously deleted. Setting up Scenario Two location awareness conditions. Best practices for updating server certificates and maintaining the client-server connection.

Managing intrusion prevention on your client computers. Modifying miscellaneous settings for Virus and Spyware Protection on Windows sp.

Blocking client computers from being added to groups. Customizing and deploying the Windows client installation by using third-party tools.

Product guides for all versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection x

Managing application control, device control, and system lockdown. For additional information on the installation or migration to Endpoint Protection Troubleshooting issues with Shared Insight Cache. Configuring a separate purge interval for offline non-persistent VDI clients. Assigning clients to groups before you install the client software.


Modifying global scan settings for Windows clients. Upgrade resources for Symantec Endpoint Protection Converting a shared policy to a non-shared policy.

System Requirements for Symantec Endpoint Protection

Running commands on the client computer from the console. Symantec Endpoint Protection client for Macintosh system requirements. Virus and Spyware Protection policy settings 12.5 on platform.

sep 12.1.5