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To view the raster data loaded into the database, you can use GeoRaster viewer. We are interested in the Georaster folder. Because the geometry can sometimes be invalid, the spatial index can be incorrect and return incorrect data to the spatial operators. If you check DE9-IM coincidence between geometry objects, take into consideration the setting of the GeometryRelationships property. If you want to use the Java loader, you need to download the database examples from Oracle site. The join requires that a column with the name ‘IndexColumn’ exists in the view.

oracle georaster viewer

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The Windows script startGeoRasterViewer. We are interested in the Georaster folder. And you need two tables for each raster you want to store.

But the driver available with this installation of Oracle is the newer ojdbc5.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Troubleshooting problems with reading the data Because the spatial data can ggeoraster from different vendors and generated by applications, there can appear problems with properly reading the data due to: Ensure all the restrictions from the Notes section of this KB item are fulfilled.


Oracle Spatial GeoRaster

The first step is to grant permissions to our user and to MDSYS for reading the file we want to load, using viewre Java-based program. GeoRaster viewer “None” option.

I moved to http: But Oracle Database has more components. Otherwise parameters are fully trusted and the layer will open faster. The raster formats allowed for loading are the ones allowed for your version of GDAL.

TatukGIS – KB Connecting to Oracle Spatial and Oracle GeoRaster database layers.

Now, we can execute the script file and load the GeoRaster viewer. The join requires that a column with the name ‘IndexColumn’ exists in the view. And the file has not been exported. An improved loader will be ready as soon as possible Before October. Better to see with this two images:. Some examples of connecting to Oracle Spatial layer are presented below.

Spatial and Graph GeoRaster Developer’s Guide – Contents

In this case, the schema is created in the users tablespace. The formats accepted are the same than with the Java importer: Oracle Database 11g Release 1 Enterprise Edition GeoRaster viewer exporting parameters. About performance It is assumed that the database server is well configured with regard to software and hardware with memory allocation for Oracle server and buffer cache.


Ensure that table columns allow inserting null values that are used upon inserting a reserved UID record for a new shape. You are commenting using your Google account.

oracle georaster viewer

The Scope property, e. Not very important, but it should be fixed in next releases. If IndexColumn is empty, then the layer will try to detect a valid column with the index assigned. I had to fix it manually: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Speed of layer loading depends on: You can check the GDAL accepted raster formats here. Then, if we increase the maximum heap size for our Java VM, we can get the whole raster data.

oracle georaster viewer

There are only a few image formats accepted.