My Secret To Keeping My Toilet Bowl Sparkling Clean

One of the most reliable ways to thoroughly clean the toilet bowl is to dry it with a cloth or paper towel, but there is another good way to thoroughly clean it. Spray toilet cleaner all over the toilet, from the lid to the seat to the outer bottom. If you need to run the bowl for at least twenty minutes, use liquid toilet cleaner instead. Flush the toilet inside and out with sponges and hot water to remove dirt, then wipe it down. 

Use a disinfectant spray on the outside and cover all areas, including the lid, flush, and tank. Once the entire toilet is squeaky clean, and dry, wipe it down with a cloth or paper towel. 

Add the best toilet cleaner of your choice to the bowl and let it sit until the rest of the cleaning is done. When you get back from work, scrub the bowls with a clean toilet brush with a pumice stone for hard water stains. 

If your tank is dirty or stained, drain the water before you start, but if not, rinse it out with a clean, freshwater bottle. 

Add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to the toilet along with the baking soda. Sprinkle some baking soda and lemon over your toilet bowl and scrub the bowl’s rim with gloves and a scouring pad. 

Let it sit for an hour if possible before turning it off and rinsing, but leave it on for at least a couple of hours. 

Use pumice soaked in water to remove stubborn stains from the toilet bowl, such as a stain on the bottom of the toilet seat or the top of the bowl. 

Often, a ragged brush won’t get all the way in, and dirt will build up over time. To prevent bacteria, you can scrub the bowl with a brush. One of the best ways to clean toilet brushes and other tools is to rinse them with hot water and bleach for a moment. 

Just let some water slide into the toilet bowl and add a little more borax if it’s not thick enough. Next, add some castor soap and a small amount of water (just enough to make it stick and slide under the water) and use a toilet brush to get the soap mixture into the toilet bowl, forming a thick lather. To thoroughly scrub the bowl, pour soap on the sides of your toilet and clean the area around the bowl with a toilet brush. 

You will need to flush the toilet until the bowl is no longer complete, then pour in as much water as possible and rinse with water. 

If there is any water left, use an old towel to soak in a warm place, such as a hot bathtub, for a few minutes until it soaks. 

When the bowl is empty, add cleaning vinegar (regular white vinegar if you have it) until it is completely covered. If the stain is more on the edge or side, soak a rag or paper towel in the vinegar and put it in a warm place like a hot tub or bath for a few minutes. Start with a small amount of water and some vinegar or a damp towel, and work your way up to wipe away any dust, hair, or other messes that have accumulated on your toilet. Dip a brush into the toilet water and scrub the rim of the bowl thoroughly, paying particular attention to the handle. Don’t forget to turn the seat upside down to wipe down the edge and bowl where a lot of, ahem, the material has accumulated. Using a combination of brushes and running water, remove bacteria and other buildups, flush your toilet, and then vigorously scrub the rest of the bowl. 

Scrub your toilet vigorously, so the cleaning solution reaches every nook and cranny, including the U-bend. 

Let your toilet cleaner of choice sit for about 20-30 minutes, then rinse with water for a few minutes. 

Baking soda and vinegar are excellent natural cleaners perfect for removing stubborn stains on the toilet bowl. Bleach is robust and ideal if you have a brown stain on the bottom of the toilet bowl, but vinegar can also clean. However, you would prefer a natural solution as the acidic nature helps to soften and lift the buildup on the bottom of the toilet bowl. After the allotted time, scrub the toilet again with a ragged brush to remove any particularly stubborn stains. 

Alternatively, you can mix a cup of white vinegar with a teaspoon of tea tree essential oil and add it to the toilet bowl. Mix the paste, apply it to the stain with a toothbrush, and leave it on for five minutes. For more information on how to disinfect your toilet naturally, check out our guide to cleaning your bathroom with natural toilet cleaning and disinfecting tips.

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